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Bodegas Paniza

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We are an Aragonese winery, located in the Protected Designation of Origin Cariñena, in the south of the province of Zaragoza and at the foot of the Iberian System, an excellent region for the creation of wines thanks to its special climate and century-old vineyards.

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In Bodegas Paniza we have always been great dreamers with very ambitious goals, with the fixed goal of being ground-breakers. We have many years of experience in the sector and are always offering an excellent service. We are with you from start to finish.

For this reason, in 2018 we inaugurated new facilities, a modern and functional building that will leave an indelible mark.

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We know how important fast and personalized attention is for you. That’s why at Bodegas Paniza we pamper our customers. We take care of you. We want you to choose us for the quality and confidence of our winery, but stay for our deal. We have years of experience and we want to be with you. Shall we talk?

Bodegas Paniza

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Cariñena is a Protected Denomination of Origin (P.D.O.) that is applied to a type of wines produced in the province of Zaragoza. This denomination refers to a protection of industrial property on food products that indicate that they can only be called in a certain way if they come from an exclusive area, whose climatic and geographical conditions give them their special characteristics. The P.D.O. Cariñena is made up of 14 counties in Zaragoza: Cariñena, Villanueva de Huerva, Tosos, Aladrén, Alfamén, Aguarón, Mezalocha, Paniza, Cosuenda, Alpartir, Encinacorba, Longares, Muel, and Almonacid de la Sierra.

Cariñena P.D.O. wines

The production area of our special wines was established in 1933 and has the population of Cariñena as its epicenter, being one of the oldest wine-growing towns, both in the autonomous province of Aragón and throughout Spain. Its special location makes it a sublime region for the elaboration of this product thanks to its particular geography of dry and stony soil, and particular weather. There’s a tradition of ancestral vineyards, which date back to the arrival of Phoenicians and Romans who brought their fruits from the eastern Mediterranean coasts.

These first settlements flourished thanks to the prosperity given by agricultural activity and especially wine growing. In the very beginnings, the area was mainly made up of small villages that later, thanks to the continuous improvements in number and quality of the harvests, colony in the year 50 a.C. a Roman village was founded. It was called Caræ, and centuries later the name of that region changed to Cariñena, as it is known today.

Located at the foot of the Monte Ibérico, 850 meters above sea level and on very fertile plains, the vineyards of Bodegas Paniza have the optimal conditions for the production of this special wine. Along with the climate, dry and clayey soils create the basis for thousands of square miles of vine to grow in a unique way.

A local wine that became famous nationwide

The modern wine production of the Cariñena varietal begins in the early 1950s, thanks to the organization of the producers of the region, gathered in cooperatives, that gave it a legal character and a structure that helped to place the Cariñena wine in better position. This led to the creation of Bodegas Paniza in 1953.

From then, and up to the present day, our growth and evolution in the industry has been constant, including new techniques, better procedures and technologies that progressively optimize the product. This helped us offer better quality and variety to our customers.

White wines, as well as Tempranillo and Cabernet are just some of the classics that have made our cellar stand out. Remarkable for their intense aromas, special flavors and particular details, every wine make tasting quite a sensory experience.

These products are the reflection of our philosophy of innovation and constant improvement, rooted in each and every one of the people responsible for the different stages of the production of Cariñena wines, to contribute to produce the best musts in the region.

An international star

The spirit of constant renewal and the technological update in Bodegas Paniza has achieved that Cariñena wines were awarded with important international recognitions, as well as positive critics in renowned publications in the world of wines. Japan, Canada, United Kingdom and Germany are just a few of the countries where the tradition and work of this company have been awarded.

In recent years a commitment to a radical modernization of agricultural spaces, the technological updating of processes and the improvements in areas like aging, bottling and production facilities in general has been consolidated.

It is a commitment to the future, so being up to date is not something that is expected, but it’s present. It is something embraced that became an inseparable part of the working spirit that reigns in the region. In this way tradition and modernity unite in an indissoluble way. Years and years producing good wines made something sublime, thanks to the available resources of the modern world, and now making it available, literally, to the rest of the world.

The Cariñena wine and all its associated industry represent the roots of its people to the region where their vineyards are located, to their history and tradition. However, without underestimating a bit the quality of the product they make with so much love, they bet on a place of honor in the global market. That is why they are striving for the consolidation of an international distribution network, already available in more than 40 countries around the world, and that with great effort and determination will be vastly expanded in the years to come.