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We are an Aragonese winery, located in the Protected Designation of Origin Cariñena, in the south of the province of Zaragoza and at the foot of the Iberian System, an excellent region for the creation of wines thanks to its special climate and century-old vineyards.

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Cariñena's wine

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Cariñena is a Protected Denomination of Origin (P.D.O.) that is applied to a type of wines produced in the province of Zaragoza. This denomination refers to a protection of industrial property on food products that indicate that they can only be called in a certain way if they come from an exclusive area, whose climatic and geographical conditions give them their special characteristics. The P.D.O. Cariñena is made up of 14 counties in Zaragoza: Cariñena, Villanueva de Huerva, Tosos, Aladrén, Alfamén, Aguarón, Mezalocha, Paniza, Cosuenda, Alpartir, Encinacorba, Longares, Muel, and Almonacid de la Sierra.

Bodegas Paniza

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