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What is a Crianza Wine?

Spanish Crianza Wine (Vintage Wines) are those that have spent some time ageing, first into a cask and in a bottle after. In accordance with the Designation of Origin Regulatory Council, the bureau that rules the wine quality in Cariñena, Vintage wines must remain 6 months into the barrel and 18 into the bottle, meanwhile white and rosé ones stay the same time at the barrel, but 12 in the bottle. .

In both cases, the common link is the time which the three types of wines stay into the casks. These casks, according to the Regulatory Council, must be made of American or French oak wood with a maximum capacity of 330 liters (87,18 gallons).

How to serve a good Spanish Crianza Wine?

The optimum temperature to drink red vintage wines is 16ºC (60,8ºF), meanwhile white ones express their features better between 10ºC (50ºF) and 12ºC (53,6ºF). The ideal temperature for vintage rosé wines is colder than last ones, they must be served between 7ºC (44,6ºF) and 8ºC (46,4ºF).

What are the taste and aroma of Crianza Wines from Spain?

The vintage wines remarkable features are divided in three stages.

Visual stage: We can find the typical green-yellow, pink and red colors, depending on the kind of wine, as the same way than young ones, but tanned colors begin to appear due to the contact with the oak wood of the casks.

Olfactory stage: Remains the intensive fruity aromas and other more complex ones, appear. Like the last case, due to the wood.

Taste stage: When we drink the wine, we can find intensive but, at the same time soften, flavors. They have a good tannic expression and an average duration aftertaste.

Bodegas Paniza produces four different vintage wines:

Paniza Crianza and Dandi Crianza, two wines made from Tempranillo, Garnacha and Cabernet-Sauvignon grape varieties, with a mature bright cherry color and vanilla aroma notes.

Agostón Tempranillo & Cabernet and Agostón Garnacha & Shiraz. Two internationally recognized and awarded wines, which reflect all the character or our land.

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