Spanish Rosé Wine

Light color and a taste as unique as distinctive

Unlike red wine, rosé’s main feature is the presence of less stronger tannins. This is due to the fact that during processing, the must has a not too long contact period with the skins, and takes only part of the red grapes’ properties. The must obtained this way combines part of the strongest vines’ character with the freshness present in other wines, for instance those coming from greener varieties.

At Paniza we choose the Garnacha grape to make the must, since its natural characteristics rise in a special manner during the ripening process. This helps fruits scents develop slightly, which give the distinctive touch to the Fábula de Paniza Garnacha Rosado variety, one of the best choices of our winery.

The result is a bodied product, widespread to the palate, with a soft floral-toned aftertaste. A fresh alternative, perfect to enjoy in summer afternoons.

Careful processing during every phase

One of the main points to elaborating a good rosé wine has to do with the chosen technique. There are three renowned ways to make this drink, i.e.: bleeding, blending and skin contact. Each one of those gives specific characteristics to the final result. For instance, in the first, the must is the product of taking out part of the grape juice in the initial phase of the fermentation.

The method used at Bodegas Paniza is skin contact, the most effective way to obtain the best quality musts. This is allowed to rest for some hours, which gives its typical pale pink crystal appearance. Finally it undergoes a controlled fermentation in steel tanks. The result is a young fresh wine, perfect to satisfy the most demanding palates.

While making the Fábula de Paniza Rosé, our winemaking team has only one thing in mind: to give the best tasting experience in each phase.

From claret to a good rosé: a tale of popularity

Rosé wine drinking throughout the ages has been registered since centuries ago and it’s possible to find clues of its production in the Anjou of the Loira valley or the Bordeaux claret. However it was not until after WW2 that this variety was widely accepted, especially in home tables thanks to its slightly sweet taste and soft texture.

Usually this must is not produced only with a unique variety of grapes, but different vines like Syrah and Cariñena are the most commonly used. Precisely this has been what allowed its evolution, which made it a more well-thought rosé, with a higher tannin grade, a better in-mouth taste and certain harshness hints that reveal contrast. All of this, without losing its characteristic jovialty.

We sum up more than 60 years of experience in the winemaking world. And that experience has taught us to produce high quality wines, with the best components. Our Garnacha rosé is a undisputable proof of this careful work: good color, evenly tasty in mouth and a nice end.

Ideal pairing: the final touch to a great combination

A good wine can be enjoyed different ways. Alone, to acquire a better taste of its tones. During a wine-tasting session, to pay attention to the subtle differences in its essence. Or as a companion drink, to complement and enhance the flavors of each dish. And it’s just in this last point where the wine pairing comes as an art to harmonize the flavors.

Therefore if you want the perfect combination, Paniza rosé can be paired to one of these dishes.


Ya sea que se trate de aperitivos moderadamente fuertes, como los quesos semigrasos, ensaladas con aderezo cítrico o suaves cremas para untar. Su frescura mantendrá el paladar limpio y proporcionará buen sabor.

Either with somewhat strong appetizers, like fatty cheeses, citrus dressed salads of soft creams, our rosé wines’ freshness will leave a perfect in-mouth aftertaste.


Especially those higher in fat like salmon. Other species like mackerel or sea bass are good choices as well.


Rosé wines go perfect with all varieties of lentil, so if a good partner for a dal seasoned with spices from India, or for a falafel is needed, this could be the best option.

Pastries and bakery products

Biscuits, flaky pastry and even fruit jam can be enjoyed with some drier varieties of rosé. This wine blends perfect with bakery as well.

These are only a few of the possible combinations. The consumer always can try this wine with any personal menu.

Subtlety, aroma and good taste from the bottle to the table

Each of the wines developed in Bodegas Paniza goes through a strict quality control, in order to guarantee the development of all its organoleptic properties. Our team of expert winemakers supervises each phase of the process, from pressing to the final extraction of the skins. In this way a good final product is guaranteed, designed to delight.

Our main goal is to provide only the best products since they leave the warehouse until they reach your place. The consumer can always count with the support and satisfaction of a first quality product, delicious and subtle.

60 years of tradition and experience gathered to provide a drink of great commercial value, designed so that anyone, whether it is a connoisseur or not, can enjoy a unique experience. Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to get started in the world of wine or simply enjoy a magnificent experience that will delight all the senses.

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