Viura wine

One of the greatest varieties of white wine

Viura Wine Grape features

The Viura wine grape variety, or also known as Macabeo, was originated in Eastern Spain. There are two theories about the origin of this wine grape. One of them refers to the Ebro Valley as its place of origin and the other refers to the Spanish Mediterranean Coast. In any case, Viura grape, it is a white grape widely spread throughout the Iberian Peninsula, even Portugal.. It is often used for the making of Spanish White Wines and sparkling wines (like Cava wine), as well as for the production of varietal wine.

The Viura wine grape is very resistant to frost and other weather elements. Although it is vulnerable to certain diseases, these can be quickly healed. Due to this, its cultivation has been very increased at Spain in recent years.

So much so, that many Spanish Designations of Origin such as Macabeo, or Viura Wine Grape, share its main production. Sometimes it is used to make various coupages with other varieties, even inks. Since the wines made from Viura Wine Grape are not usually very alcoholic; its average graduation ranges from 9% to 10.5%, always depending on the fermentation time.

Viura wine grape vine provides high yields and the leaves are large and yellow. The bunch is small and the berries that sprout from it have a colour that is lies between green and gold. These rounded grapes are not excessively large but their skins are thick and upright.

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