Spanish White Whine

Our white wine varieties, a delight for the palate

How White Wine is made?

According to the chronicles and ancient texts, the young white wine had been made and drunk since, at least, 2,500 years ago. As logic indicates, this kind of wine is elaborate from white grapes, although sometimes, it can be made from red ones.

This fact is possible because grape pulp, whatever the variety to which it belongs, lacks of pigments, so their juice has a very pale yellow-green color, almost transparent. The wort, only acquires color when grape skins macerate into it, because is in the skin, where color agents are concentrated. Thus, although is not the Bodegas Paniza case, in the global wine market is possible to find white wines made from red grapes; particularly in the range of sparkling wines, like Cava or Champagne.

The vines are, in general, more resistant than red varieties. The farming of white varieties is more widespread than the rest, because of the vines are adapted better to cold climates, especially in places like United Kingdom or Germany, where due to their weather, red varieties are hard to grow.

Experts preserve traditions and multiply the qualities of this exquisite drink

At Bodegas Paniza we had been accompanying the production of this must in Europe since 1953, which allowed us to grow and innovate permanently, improving day after day the quality of each of the varieties we offer to our clients.

Our company not only has been part of the history of wine making, it has helped preserve the fertile lands to harvest vines in Campo de Cariñena, with more than 11 square miles of vineyards in the south of Zaragoza province, just on the lower hills of the range. Nature provides perfect weather and soil conditions to get high quality feedstock that allow us to be one of the best white wine producers in the whole European continent.

Even though the red wine has been the favorite for most people since ancient times, its white companion has become the first choice in celebrations thanks to its unique flavor and special characteristics. Those are the result of the winemaking process, which does not include solid parts of the grapes, like the stem and skin. Essentially, grapes elaborated this way always yield clear wines.

Nevertheless at Paniza we do not settle in just preserving traditional techniques in our winemaking process, but we added other innovative methods like “cold-soak”, or prefermentation maceration to augment its aromatic characteristics, which is feasible by picking the basic aromas coming from the skin.

This way we bring the best out of the grapes, which gives the wine a perfect transparent look worth tasting and admiring.

We guarantee a gift to the palate with our young white wine varietals

To date we are proud to offer an extraordinary class of young white wine, as a result of the fermentation of different white grapes. Truth be told, other winemakers use red grapes to produce this wine, since grape color has no influence on wine color, provided the fruit pulp has no pigments and gives a greenish or pale yellow liquid as a final product.

We, at Bodegas Paniza, harvest a vast variety of white grapes to elaborate our three main young white varietals: Paniza Viura, Jabalí Viura & Chardonnay and Fábula de Paniza Chardonnay. Vines that give this type of fruit are better adapted to different weather conditions than red grapes. However, the winemaking process they undergo has to be more delicate, since skinless grapes lack that natural protection and musts tend to oxidize faster than their red or rosé counterparts.

Our young white wine varietals have unique aromatic properties, and pretty intense in fact, which resembles that of some tropical fruits like pineapple and banana. This characteristic adds a fresh flavor that becomes ideal for marrying different dishes and enjoy at any occasion. Moreover, we harvest grape varieties that give drier and herbal odor hints, available in our selected line of white wines.

Perfect to enjoy alone and as any dish companion

This extraordinary beverage has the advantage of being perfect for drinking as an appetizer before meals and to accompany desserts. Besides, it becomes ideal to add as an ingredient when cooking some dishes, like fish, seafood and white meats. Our breed of young whites comes in perfect on table aside almost any delicatessen.


This exquisite white, which can be bottled in its sparkling variety, yield several different flavors in mouth, according to the barrel in which it was aged. Chardonnay means a perfect companion for chicken and fix based dishes.


This young white varietal has a soft neutral aroma, and can be obtained with a higher alcohol content and moderate to low acidity, which makes it fresh and floral, perfect to combine with creamy and strong dishes, like intense meats.


It’s a perfect blend between the two aforementioned. Crystal clear with some greenish hints, it gives some citric notes in the mouth. Bronze and silver medals awarded in international competitions in 2009 and 2010, this blend white tastes fresh and exquisite alone.

Beyond its exquisite taste, a powerful and healthy beverage

Undoubtedly white wines are not only intended to be a drink to share in parties or used as a cooking ingredient. Their benefits are wide, and have been considered a very healthy beverage. White wine consumption is good to reduce the sequels of a heart attack and improve lung health. It helps in attacking carcinogenic diseases and neural illnesses like dementia. Besides, it is not forbidden in diets to lose weight and since it has good antioxidant properties, it helps boosting the immune system.

At Bodegas Paniza we are white wine production specialists. Not only do we offer a quality drink that concentrates all the natural characteristics of our vineyards to get a taste that puts us apart from other winemakers, but also guarantee a modern and innovative wine design that perfectly fits the most demanding sommeliers and white wine lovers.

The Young Paniza range of white wines come from carefully harvested vineyards, processed by expert winemakers and put in market by a group of specialists that managed to make this fresh and innovative drink one of the first choices in international markets.

Definitely we are the performers of an adventure that began in the spanish town of Paniza more than 60 years ago, and promises to keep up for generations to come, as well as expanding its wine varieties throughout the world.

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