Spanish White Whine

Our white wine varieties, a delight for the palate

How White Wine is made?

According to the chronicles and ancient texts, the young white wine had been made and drunk since, at least, 2,500 years ago. As logic indicates, this kind of wine is elaborate from white grapes, although sometimes, it can be made from red ones.

This fact is possible because grape pulp, whatever the variety to which it belongs, lacks of pigments, so their juice has a very pale yellow-green color, almost transparent. The wort, only acquires color when grape skins macerate into it, because is in the skin, where color agents are concentrated. Thus, although is not the Bodegas Paniza case, in the global wine market is possible to find white wines made from red grapes; particularly in the range of sparkling wines, like Cava or Champagne.

The vines are, in general, more resistant than red varieties. The farming of white varieties is more widespread than the rest, because of the vines are adapted better to cold climates, especially in places like United Kingdom or Germany, where due to their weather, red varieties are hard to grow.

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