the magic of the slates

Bodegas Paniza

Paniza's vineyards

Bodegas Paniza’s vineyards are located within the territory that is marked out by the Cariñena Designation of Origin (An official certification from the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture). The vineyards cover a total area of approximately 3,000 hectares. The tradition of vine growing in these lands dates back to ancient times when, first Phoenicians and later Romans, imported this wonderful fruit from the Eastern Mediterranean, with which they produced the Drink of the Gods.


viñas viejas

The vines

The vines they brought took root in our dry, rocky soil. Since then, a prosperous wine industry has been established; resulting in the founding of colonies and villages that flourished in the shade of the vineyards and of the wine trade. In 50 B.C. Caræ was founded, the Roman settlement that gives its name to our wine growing region and which we know today as Cariñena.

Our grapevines are located in a privileged area, south of the Iberian Mountains in northwest Spain. All of the vineyards are placed in the Cariñena Designation of Origin. They are are those that mature at a higher altitude. They grow 850 meters above sea level, which gives the fruits of our vineyards special and unique characteristics.



The soil and the weather of the hills

The soil and subsoil where our vineyards grow are characterized by the great diversity of its geological composition. Depending on the altitude, in the lower areas we find brown-limestonesandstone and clay soils.

In parts of the higher altitude, where older vines grow, slate grounds create an internationally recognized quality grape, which can be seen in the awards and prizes awarded to us.

Paniza is subject to the continental climate. It has very hot and relatively dry summers, whilst winter turns very cold and windy.