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FROM 1803


love and care

Bodegas Paniza


The origins of our winery come from the same-named village: Paniza. A small agricultural town near Cariñena, the shire capital. Here we began this adventure to offer the world the best of our land: Our Wine.

Today, we continue our work, with the same enthusiasm and dedication as our founders. We maintain our values, adapting and renewing ourselves to face the challenge presented by the 21st century. Altogether, we are about 300 wine growing partners. Amongst ourselves, we own approximately 3,000 hectares of vineyards, with different varieties, of which the grapes are harvested each year.

The starting point

Paniza's experienced winemakers joined together in a cooperative to market the fruit of our land and our work. This is how the Nuestra Señora del Águila Winery Cooperative was born.

1982, starting to grow

In the 1980s, Bodegas Paniza took a monumental step in its history. It purchased machinery to automate the bottling process, achieving an exponential increase in productivity and so, reaching more people.

1996, prepared for the new millennium

With the new millennium looming, we built the building that are still making use of today. This was a crucial investment for the consolidation of our winery. A building specifically designed to house our wines during the ageing process.

2007-2014, the great leap

During the first years of the 21st century, Bodegas Paniza has completely renovated its image, as well as its facilities. We adapted to the times and implemented new techniques through the investment in modern wine making equipment that have given us the capacity to grow even more and to reach places we never have reached before.

2015, consolidating ourselves at the top

Thanks to the major renovation and the great investment made in the recent years, the wines of Bodegas Paniza have received numerous awards around the world. Prestigious organizations from Germany, United Kingdom, Canada and Japan, among others, have rewarded our efforts and our traditional know-how. From the fruits of our labour Bodega Paniza has carried out a big investment. We started building our new facility. A winery that is able to accommodate our entire workload and which consists of a set of modern and functional buildings.
A building that will leave an unforgettable mark on the people and the land that has given us everything. In this way we want give back to Paniza part of the enormous greatness that it has given us. Through which we have been able to reach the point where we are today and, thanks to it, we continue on our path; growing and reaping new success, with the conquest of wine lovers as the ultimate goal.

Bodegas Paniza has found its place in exportation in the world of spanish wine. Our wines are enjoyed in more than forty countries on all continents.



At Bodegas Paniza, we commit to a motto = flexibility. The constant adaptation to the needs of each customer allows us to adapt the product to the needs and trends of the different markets in which we operate.

We work under a management system that revolves around three fundamental axes: quality, boosting the local economy and respect for our surroundings. Our goal is to be one of the most internationally renowned wineries, while contributing to boosting the economy of our region and guarantee Paniza’s village with sustainable development.

Wine Acknowledgments

2013 Export Award
Chamber of Commerce of Zaragoza

2013 Best International Strategy Award
Actualidad Económica Magazine

Nomintaion for Best Export Management 2014
Aragonese Business & Leadership Asssociation

2012 Best Aragonese Winery
Aragonese Academy of Gastronomy

Nomination for Best Export Trajectory 2015
Banco Santander Awards