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FROM 1953

Bodegas Paniza


The origins of our winery come from the same-named village: Paniza. A small agricultural town near Cariñena, the shire capital. Here, more than 60 years ago, we began this adventure to offer the world the best of our land: Our Wine.

Today, we continue our work, with the same enthusiasm and dedication as our founders. We maintain our values, adapting and renewing ourselves to face the challenge presented by the 21st century. Altogether, we are about 300 wine growing partners. Amongst ourselves, we own approximately 3,000 hectares of vineyards, with different varieties, of which the grapes are harvested each year.

Wine Acknowledgments

2013 Export Award
Chamber of Commerce of Zaragoza

2013 Best International Strategy Award
Actualidad Económica Magazine

Nomintaion for Best Export Management 2014
Aragonese Business & Leadership Asssociation

2012 Best Aragonese Winery
Aragonese Academy of Gastronomy

Nomination for Best Export Trajectory 2015
Banco Santander Awards