Bodegas Paniza launches a mobile application for partners and workers

  • Facilitates direct and updated communication and can extend it to those who do not work daily with a computer, such as farmers or warehouse operators.
  • The objective is to continue taking steps in the modernization of the cooperative concept through new techniques and tools.
  • Bodegas Paniza continues taking steps on its way to digital transformation with the aim of modernizing the concept of cooperative through new techniques and tools. For this he has created an own application available for Apple and Android. The objective is double. On the one hand, it seeks to improve daily management with the immediate delivery of information and on the other hand, it is intended that workers and partners know the news of the winery.Bodegas Paniza began its journey in 1953 and has evolved to adapt to the needs of the market. In 1996 the winery made one of the most important investments for its consolidation, a building designed to house the wines during the aging process. Although it was between 2007 and 2014 when he made his great leap by completely renewing his image as well as his installations, he implemented new techniques with the investment in modern viticulture equipment. Thanks to the profound renovation and the great investment made in recent years, the wines of Bodegas Paniza have received numerous international awards and are present in more than 41 countries. In 2015, the winery made another of its major investments, the construction of new facilities. A winery composed of modern and functional buildings that is capable of accommodating all the volume of present and future work. All this has not prevented maintaining its essence as a cooperative. At present, it is made up of 360 viticultural partners that add around 3,000 hectares of vineyards, with different varieties.


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