Bodegas Paniza launches two new Premium garnacha wines

  • Paniza Última Garnacha and Garnacha from slate are two wines of great complexity, coming from the best payments of their vineyards.
  • With a careful presentation and clearly differentiated from the current range, they are born with the vocation of being among the best positions of the wines made with this already mythical variety.

Bodegas Paniza, located in the denomination of origin Cariñena, puts on the market two new wines with which a new range that seeks to position itself in the highest quality standards begins.

The winery that already has many awards and recognitions, now, and as a continuation of its implementation of the total renovation of facilities, philosophy and strategy with its investment project of more than 12 million euros and three years of intense work, starts the last phase with the development of two new high-end garnachas, selected from the best vineyards of its nearly three thousand hectares of vineyards.

Bodegas Paniza works with national and international varieties and has the highest international certifications.

“Paniza Última Garnacha”, gets its name, precisely, from the last harvested strains of this variety in the Paniza terroir. There are 25,000 bottles of red wine of great character and very expressive.

“Garnacha from slate”, on the other hand, reflects the great richness of aroma and bouquet that the wines in slate lands, as it is the case, can contribute. A sweet and mature wine that invites you to drink more.

Bodegas Paniza, which takes its name from the municipality where it originated, began its activity more than 60 years ago with the creation of the Cooperativa Vitivinícola Nuestra Señora del Águila, which was the germ of the current company, which counts today with 360 winegrowers.

At the beginning of the century, the facilities were completely renovated to adapt them to new techniques and to install new viticulture equipment to gain quality and capacity. An investment effort that the winery has continued to maintain continuously.

At present Bodegas Paniza markets its nine wine ranges in 41 countries on five continents. The winery is one of the most important in the denomination with a large presence in foreign markets that account for 95% of its sales.

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