Carinena: the only region that has a grape variety with its name

Cariñena is the only region in the world that gives its name to a variety of grapes, the Cariñena. The same name, Cariñena, which was used in 1932 to distinguish the Desigination of Origin in Spain, being one of the oldest officially recognized. La Cariñena receives other names in other designations of origin, such as Mazuelo in La Rioja or Samsó in the Alella area. It is also commonly known in many regions as Tinta.

The Cariñena is a grape of relative difficulty for working in the vineyard. Historically it has tended to give wines with a lot of tannin and with a certain roughness in the mouth. However, with a good preparation, we can obtain fresh, well-defined wines with a pleasant fruity and an attractive acidity.

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