Tempranillo wine

The most widespread variety

Tempranillo Wine Grape features

Cuando el cultivo de Vitis vinífera, del cual provienen casi todas las vides se popThe Tempranillo grape veriety is the most widespread variety in our homeland and it is of Spanish origin. In other wine-growing areas of Spain it is known as Tempranilla, Cencibel or Tinta del País ( Local Red One).
It is widely accepted that the origin of the Tempranillo wine grape variety is located in the Ebro Valley, resulting from spontaneous hybridizations between different varieties about 1,000 years ago. In the seventeenth century, Tempranillo grape seeds were brought to America, especially to the wine growing regions of Argentina, Chile, and Peru; where it has rooted to perfection, maintaining an acceptable genetic likeness.

In recent years, the crop has spread to South AfricaAustralia and the United States. In this way, the Tempranillo wine variety, it is experiencing a new stage of splendour.

This grape variety grows in south-facing, sunny areas and it is well adapted to areas with a relatively high altitude where it grows better and is more productive. Its skin is a bluish black with a substantial thickness, which helps to achieve wines with very intense hues of colour, rich in flavour and, most importantly wines with a lot of body. The bunches where the Tempranillo grapes come from are long and narrow with large bright green leaves.

The Tempranillo wine vine has an upright posture. Its has short production cycles and it is one of the earliest varieties to ripen. Therefore, wines that include this variety are suitable for producing all kinds of Crianza, which are very complex in terms of their aromatic side and as mentioned before of great intensity.

Tempranillo Wine Taste and Aroma

The wines produced with Tempranillo grapes have a low acidity and low sugar content. Also, it is sparse in tannins, which leaves a soft and light taste in the mouth. The barrel ageing process enhances its organoleptic qualities, giving it a fruity nuance reminiscent of wild berries and plums; while developing much more complex aromas of tobacco, vanilla and leather.

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