Grenache wine

the Aragonese grape of excellence

Grenache Wine Grape features

The Grenache Wine (also known as Garnacha) is the Aragonese grape of excellence. It is the most widespread and the most traditional variety, cultivated in our lands for centuries. The Aragonese Crown propagated the Garnacha in all of its territories. Nowadays, it is very popular in Sardinia, known there as Cannonau. Also, in the Languedoc region and in the regions of southern Rhone where it is called Grenache in French.

Given the characteristics and origin of the Grenache variety, it is perfectly adapted to extreme climates. It was one of the first varieties that bore fruit in places as distant and different as AustraliaCalifornia, the state of Washington and the Northwest of the United States.

The wines made with Garnacha grape, have chemical properties that make them more prone to premature oxidation; therefore it is a great variety to create young wines and to combine with other types of grapes that contribute other organometallic properties. In this way, it is possible to supply its lack of tannins and acidity while reducing its oxidizing tendencies. Therefore, this allows for a better wine conservation and creates outstanding Aged wineReserva and Gran Reserva wines.

Nowadays, Grenache wine grape is widely cherished, after decades of popular belief and mistakenly thought of as a low quality grape, precisely due to its low oxidation resistance; which makes the wines spoil in a short time, therefore they were not so pleasant. The arrival of the Designations of Origin together with new means of wine making, have catapulted this variety, giving it new enological approaches and reinventing its marketing.

Single-variety grapes produce the best Garnacha grape wines, which come from centuries-old vines. These vines are sparse in production, but the quality of its fruit is truly unique. Therefore, the quality of the wine coming from them are of an extraordinary category..

Grenache Wine Taste and Aroma

The Grenache wine grape variety produces wines with a high alcohol content and can be described as slightly spicy and with a mild taste on the palate. Its main and most characteristic nuances are the notes of raspberry and strawberry, accompanied by subtle reminiscence of white pepper. Overtime with ageing it usually acquires leather and tar aromas.

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